Vir Das on Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise: Convenient to pass off a death as depression | Hindi Movie News


Actor-comedian Vir Das said that it is very convenient to put the blame of the death of a young person on depression and shrug off one’s own role in driving it.

Vir’s comment comes as several unconfirmed reports claim that actor Sushant Singh Rajput was battling depression over the past few months, indicating that it drove him to take his own life.

“It’s convenient to pass off the death of a young person as ‘oh…depression’. That means you no longer have to own your systemic part in it. MOST people you know have suffered from depression at one point or another, even if they don’t know it. How you treat people matters,” Vir posted on his Twitter.

“It is hugely ironic to see journalists and media houses who relish, enjoy and milk the failure of every project now write articles about mental health and positivity,” he added.

Sushant was found hanging in his Bandra residence on Sunday morning by his domestic help. He was reportedly battling depression over the past few months and undergoing treatment for the same.

Vir took to social media to mourn the loss while cherishing his legacy.

“Sushant Singh Rajput was a complete outsider who made it from background dancer to a movie star through hard work and talent. That’s an amazing and unique true story. Take a moment to remember that above everything. For outsiders, actors struggling, for anyone. That’s a legacy,” Vir posted on Sunday.


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