The Best Home Air Quality Monitor for 2021


The Kaiterra Laser Egg+Chemical is the best air quality monitor for most people. With a clean design, simple and efficient physical controls and app, and smart functionality, it’s the most versatile and capable of all the monitors we tested. It measures both particulates (PM2.5) and VOCs, and and uses local weather stations to report outdoor air quality. It was the easiest of our test machines to set up and to pair with its app (we used the Android version, on a Pixel 3a). The app itself was the best we tested: stable, logically laid out, and with air quality readings clearly displayed. And the monitor, which is about the size of a baseball and designed to sit on a desk or table, is equally easy to use. A single button cycles through the device’s readings; the screen is bright and the display of information is simple; and at night, the screen can be shut off so it won’t disturb your sleep. Finally, the Kaiterra is Apple HomeKit and IFTTT compatible, and so can be used to control an air purifier or HVAC system to help manage your home’s air quality (Kaiterra told us that Google Home and Alexa compatibility was due by the end of 2019 but to date neither has materialized.)


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