The 18 Shorts Wirecutter Staffers Will Be Wearing All Summer


When the weather warms up, I like to spend as much time outside as possible. Patagonia Women’s Baggies Shorts are an important part of my adventure-seeking, toddler-chasing days (and they’re great inside all year round, of course). The quick-drying, recycled nylon fabric feels breezy even on the hottest, most humid afternoons. And these shorts can handle any situation I throw at them, from getting caught in a summer downpour to fording a creek to taking a quick dip in a lake—even serving as a napkin for little Popsicle-covered hands. The elastic waist doesn’t pinch, and the shorts don’t ride up when I scramble over boulders or crouch down to inspect wildflowers. I also like that the pockets on the 5-inch Baggies are deep enough to hold the essentials (keys, a phone), as well as newly acquired treasures and maybe even snacks. And because the shorts have a looser cut, you don’t look like you’ve got panniers at your hips when the pockets are full. Patagonia has been making these shorts for decades, in an ever-changing array of colors and patterns, sometimes with a liner, sometimes without. For me, Baggies are about practicality; there’s nothing particularly flattering about the view from behind (and some might find the rear a tight fit), but wearing them frees me up to take in the view in front of me.


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