Shekhar Suman thanks fans for supporting justice for Sushant Singh Rajput, “Voices should rise and become stronger” | Hindi Movie News


Shekhar Suman has been leading an initiative, urging for a CBI inquiry into Sushant Singh Rajput’s death by suicide on June 14. The veteran actor recently expressed gratitude to fans of Sushant who have supported his movement, “I can only lead and inspire from my end but frankly its your love, persistence and conviction which has got the movement so far. I admire all of you from my heart for dedicating such an imp chunk of your life for such a noble and emotional cause,” Shekhar Suman had shared on Twitter.

Shekar Suman had also urged his followers to continue with their pursuit, “The day our voices become weak and dim and our pursuit for a #CBIForSSR becomes feeble we will lose the battle. We have got it this far and we must keep the pedal pressed all the time. Ev day the voices should rise and become stronger. we are nearly there. Bravo!”

Earlier, Shekhar Suman had travelled to Patna and visited Sushant Singh Rajput’s family. After his visit, he had told ETimes, “Sushant’s father is in a state of shock, he’s grieving obviously. He is not speaking anything and is absolutely reticent, silent. I just wanted to kind of share his grief through silence. So we just sat there for about five minutes, not saying anything or exchanging anything. His sister said that everybody has been talking about it repeatedly, that has caused more grief and harm to him. So it’s best to keep quiet. In any case I was not going to say anything. I just wanted to kind of in my own silent, subtle way, tell him that I’m part of his grief. I understand this enormous tragedy and that’s why I was there.”


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