Shekhar Kapur calls AR Rahman’s Oscar “kiss of death in Bollywood” | Hindi Movie News


When AR Rahman opened up about how he wasn’t getting much work in Bollywood, it left everyone in shock. A lot of people have reacted to it, in fact director Shekhar Kapur also took to his social media handle to share his opinion on the matter.

Shekhar Kapur mentioned that Rahman’s talent is perhaps too much for Bollywood to handle, owing to his international recognition. He pointed out Rahman’s Oscar as a kiss of death in Bollywood.

The director tweeted – “You know what your problem is @arrahman ? You went and got #Oscars . An Oscar is the kiss of death in Bollywood. It proves you have more talent than Bollywood can handle ..”

For the uninitiated, AR Rahman in his recent interview with Radio Mirchi said that he doesn’t say no to good movies, but he thinks there is a gang, which is spreading some false rumours, owing to some misunderstandings.

He added that when he had a conversation with Mukesh Chhabra, who told him people have been telling him not to go to Rahman. That’s when the music director realised why he was getting less work in Bollywood, and why he is not getting good films. He added, he is working in dark movies as there is a whole gang working against him.


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