Sara Ali Khan transforms her ‘Kedarnath’ BTS into ‘expectation v/s reality’ meme with 2020 twist | Hindi Movie News


Sharing behind the scenes pictures from the shoot of her debut film ‘Kedarnath’, actor Sara Ali Khan on Friday shared he version of ‘expectation v/s reality’ post with a 2020 twist.

The Pataudi scion took to Instagram to post three-pictures from the sets of ‘Kedarnath’ and designated it as her ‘expectation,’ ‘reality,’ and ‘reality in 2020’.

In the first or the ‘expectation’ picture, Sara is seen gracefully posing in an Indian outfit amidst the picturesque valley of Uttarakhand.

The ‘reality’ picture, on the contrary, was a bit different as it featured the chirpy beauty in her no-make-up look getting ready for a shoot wearing a puffer jacket and evidently feeling cold due to Uttarakhand’s chilly weather.

The ‘reality in 2020’ on the other hand was quite extreme as she was seen severely injured and there is mud all over her body.

“Expectation, Reality, Reality in 2020 #flashbackfriday #kedarnath,” she wrote in the caption.

As the whole world is fighting against coronavirus in 2020, the internet is full of memes to lighten the mood of people in such difficult times like the one Sara shared with her pictures.


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