Riteish Deshmukh: We need to see how we can support people like Shanta Pawar in the long run | Hindi Movie News


Riteish Deshmukh was among those who shared the video on social media and even got in touch with Shanta and her family. He said, “What struck me was the fact that the old lady was hitting on her stomach after performing martial arts, hinting at the fact that she’s in need of food. She was wearing a mask, following the precautions against COVID-19, and it hit me hard to know how people are trying their best to feed themselves in these tough times. I am happy that I could speak to her. I would have loved to meet her, but she stays in Pune.”

The actor adds, “She is a fascinating woman. Since I couldn’t travel there, I connected with someone who went to see her. I was happy to know that on Friday morning, there were around 500 people who reached her home to help her. People were donating clothes, books, and other things, most importantly, they were showing support. I also saw a picture of hers with Sridevi. Maybe she has worked in movies as a junior artiste.”

Riteish signs off saying, “There are various people, who use their talent to survive in these tough times. We need to see how we can support people like her in the long run.”


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