R.Balki takes a dig at nepotism in Bollywood, calls it a ‘foolish argument’; says will talk about it after finding better actors than Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor | Hindi Movie News


It has been more than a month since Sushant Singh Rajput has left for his heavenly abode unleashing never-ending debates on nepotism in Bollywood. Amid the drama, reportedly, ace filmmaker R.Balki opens up about nepotism and favourtism in the industry and calls it a foolish argument.

During a recent interview with an entertainment portal, the ‘Pad Man’ director explains how nepotism is inevitably present in every industry and different strata of human society. Calling the ongoing row foolish in a free country like India, Balki concludes that there are two sides of nepotism.

Talking about the unfair advantages of star kids, he points out how it can affect talented actors. However, according to Balki, no matter how much the audience might be interested in seeing star kids on the silver screen, it eventually gets difficult for every actor to survive without having talent.

Furthermore, the director adds up saying that he will be once ready to talk about it when he finds better actors than Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor in Bollywood.

On the film front, some of the best directories of R. Balki are ‘Pad Man’, ‘Paa’, ‘Ki & Ka’ and ‘Cheeni Kum.’


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