Nora Fatehi reveals she can’t wait to start a family and have her own beautiful kids | Hindi Movie News


Nora Fatehi has been self-quarantined at home due to coronavirus pandemic and lockdown from the past four months. While she has been entertaining and interacting with her fans on social media, she recently opened up about the lessons she has learned during this lockdown in an interview with Filmfare.

Talking about the same, Nora said, “Well not that I didn’t believe in these lessons before. However, I had more time to appreciate a lot of things. That is not to take health, family and loved ones for granted. I can’t wait until I can start my own family one day and have my own beautiful kids.”

Elaborating more, she added, “This lockdown also reminded me that a lot of things I studied in school regarding our global, political and economic system along with the Global Agenda, are now unfolding. Strong political leaders in the past warned the world of many things, which were dismissed and laughed upon at that time.”

Nora also recalled a horrifying experience where her best friend lost her father to coronavirus. She stated, “One of my best friends’ father passed away. It was extremely difficult for me to see my friend go through such an experience. It was heart-breaking as he died on Eid. I decided not to celebrate out of respect as it was an emotional moment for all of us. Losing a parent is scary. To see your own friend struggle to get past it is humbling and emotionally exhausting. I thank God every day that we wake up alive and healthy and that our families are healthy too.”


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