Jackal killed after bomb wrapped in meat explodes in mouth, furious Anushka Sharma asks ‘what sort of trend is this becoming’ | Hindi Movie News


Anushka Sharma made another appeal for stricter laws against animal cruelty when she came across a report of a jackal that died after a bomb wrapped in meat exploded in its mouth.

Sharing a picture of the news article, the actress said, “What kind of trend is this becoming?!? It is appalling. Can’t stress enough on stricter laws against animal cruelty.”

According to the latest reports, the Tamil Nadu Forest Department has arrested 12 people for killing the jackal in Trichy village.

“The 12 men had gone to collect honey in a village and found a jackal roaming around. In order to hunt it for its meat and its teeth, the gipsies had packed explosives inside meat pieces and strewn at several places that the jackal frequents,” a forest department official told IANS over the phone from Tiruchirappalli or Trichy as it’s known.

“The bombs are similar to what is called ‘onion bomb’ that are burst during Diwali. The explosive chemicals are packed and when pressure is applied it will burst,” he said.

Recently in Kerala, a pregnant elephant was killed when it ate a pineapple packed with explosives. The report prompted several celebrities to band together and demand justice for the animal.


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