“I’m working on a big-budget film to be directed by Jayanth C Paranjee,” says Satya Kashyap


Satya Kashyap, one of the talented music directors in Tollywood, is the composer for more than 20 movies in various languages in the career spanning over ten years. These movies include some of the most-talked-about movies of all time such as Noothi Lo Kappalu, Killing Veerappan, Ice Cream 2, Vangaveeti, Love and War, Konapuram Lo Jarigina Katha, and many more. He is known for bringing a level of authenticity and playfulness to everything he composes. His skills as a musician are solid. He is perfect at his craft, exploring different styles of music. We had the pleasure of interviewing Satya Kashyap who talks about his career as a music composer, his inspired musicians, and favourite singers and future projects. Excerpts from the interview:


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