Here’s why Jacqueline Fernandez thinks Bollywood is the “most beautiful fraud” | Hindi Movie News


On one hand, where the whole Bollywood has always been in the nepotism debate, actress Jacqueline Fernandez recently said that she has never been bothered by the very issue. She simply thinks that Bollywood is the most beautiful fraud in the world.

While talking to India Today, Jacqueline said that she realised Bollywood industry is the most beautiful fraud in the world. Starting from scratch to where today she is, the actress has spent 10 years in the B-town. She feels whatever she and other stars do as actors is just a show; there’s nothing real in it. And it takes skill to pull that show.

She also added that it is important for one to be very talented and hardworking, and at same time he has to be a people’s person. She said that making a movie is not a one man’s job, it’s a teamwork. One should know how to communicate and get along with people. The actress herself has made it a thing to learn communication as a skill.

Further, the actress unveiled that though she isn’t against nepotism, per se, she has issues with favouritism. The actress said that in other countries the casting system is very rigid. The parameters are the same for everyone; everyone has to go through an audition, and prove himself. In India she isn’t sure if the system is the same. She said that if anyone wants to make a movie with his people, there’s nothing anyone can do about it.


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