Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ will debut Internationally ahead of US release | English Movie News


Almost a week after delaying the release of Christopher Nolan‘s much-awaited flick ‘Tenet,’ Warned Bros. on Monday gave a nod to the international debut of the film ahead of its release in America.

According to a report, the sci-fi thriller will release internationally on August 26 before making its way to select cities in North America on September 2.

The film will release in 70 international territories including France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, Canada, Korea, and others at the end of August.

The release date of the film in the second-biggest marketplace of films – China- has not been ascertained yet.

The Warner Bros. had last week said that the film could premiere internationally before opening up in the United States despite the fact that North America is the biggest film markest in the world.

The decision comes in the wake of reopening of markets and film theatres in the international territories due to a drop in coronavirus cases whereas America continues to see an exponential rise in the cases leading to delay in reopening of markets.

This marks the third time ‘Tenet’ has moved from its then given release dates. The initial launch of the movie was scheduled on July 17, followed by July 31 and then August 12. The movie is finally releasing on August 26 internationally and on September 2 in North America.


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