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On the occasion of World Nature Conservation Day today, actress Bhumi Pednekar, who is also a climate activist, pens her thoughts on the subject exclusively for BT. Read on:

I would wonder why my parents named me ‘Bhumi/Earth’. Did they have an inkling that their daughter would grow up to be this connected with the sole creator and provider of everything? We assume that our planet is a zero-sum resource, just like we feel that our mothers would tolerate many things for us, because that’s the most unconditional relationship ever formed. Well, to a great extent that’s true, but self-respect and self-love are the most important attributes for anyone’s existence. Be it Mother Earth or our biological mothers.

As a young child, I would spend hours questioning myself. What happens when all the water dries up? When all the trees are cut down to make paper and buildings? What happens when we can’t cultivate food anymore cause the soil is poisonous and the weather abnormally hot or cold, making the place uninhabitable? What happens when the air is so polluted that we can’t breathe? These questions would loom in my head for hours. Not much has changed, I still have the same questions. I had Climate Anxiety then and I have it now. But, back then, I didn’t have any answers. I was just a young kid going wild with her imagination about the future, which seemed far. But today, that imagination has become a reality. And that distant future, our present.

All these thoughts and questions led me to start Climate Warrior. I realised that this conversation needs more attention, awareness and real reform. We have no right to strip the future generations of a fair chance of survival. So, what can you do to begin your journey — change starts within. We need to start by changing our mentality and accepting that climate change is real and extremely devastating. Talk about it, make noise about it, help others recognise it. Small changes can make a huge difference. Like the responsible use of plastic recycling and reusing. Creating a circular economy at home, which comprises segregating your garbage and making sure the waste is put to proper use. Saving water by being conscious about personal usage and adopting ways to conserve the resource like rain-water harvesting. Using green or blue energy and supporting lifestyle choices and businesses that believe in being eco- friendly. To learn to co- exist with nature and all its beings.

All this might sound very overwhelming, but trust me, it isn’t. Adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle has been extremely rewarding and convenient, be it to my pocket or soul. It has helped me save tons of money and guilt. The anxiety is still there, but I feel like I am a part of the solution and not the problem.

So, to sum up my tryst with nature, all I can say is, be kind, compassionate and thoughtful. There is no planet B. This is our only chance at survival and we can only do it together. Make that switch. Question things around you, be aware. Being eco-conscious doesn’t mean we have to give up on life, development and technology. In fact, science is going to be the biggest tool in our fight. We just have to make sustainable choices. Remember that human beings aren’t invincible and no one’s a match in front of nature’s wrath.

On World Nature Conservation Day, actress Bhumi Pednekar, who is also a climate activist, discusses the global climate crisis and how we all need to make eco-friendly choices to save our planet


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