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Trust Aparshakti Khurana to infuse humour in any situation. The actor-singer is also a gifted writer, a skill he has worked on carefully for several years now. A few weeks ago, the actor took to his social media account and wrote, “Achha hua this scene for #HelmetTheMovie was shot in the pre-pandemic period! Nahi toh in today’s times, we’d need ‘protection’ for shooting such scenes… Hello! Protection matlab mask… aap log bhi kya sochne lag gaye ! Sabhi #helmet same nahi hote.” The actor posted this message after several state governments in the country issued circulars to filmmakers to start work on their films and shows. Along with the message, he also posted a picture of Pranutan Behl and himself in a romantic scene from the film, with and without a mask.

While chatting with us recently, the actor spoke about the scene and what shooting in the post-lockdown era might look and feel like. With fewer people and social distancing deployed, buddy scenes, romance and even action scenes would need a lot of thinking. When we brought this up with him, Aparshakti said, “This is one of the reasons the shoots have not started yet. Ad films probably have rolled out but features have not. The measures to be taken while shooting won’t allow a lot of scenes to be shot right now. So many scenes rely on action and reaction which is difficult without the requisite people on the set. Safety is important but working in the right environment is also crucial. A way to commence work could be to start shooting what does not require a combination of actors. In a couple of months, when the situation gets better, we can shoot those scenes. I’m just thinking aloud because I have never really given it a deep thought. As human beings and as an industry, we have to find a way to work even as we continue to fight the virus.”


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