11 Most Watched Movies On Netflix of All Time as Ranked by Viewership


Netflix has released viewership figures for most watched Netflix Original movies of all time based on which we have compiled 11 Most Watched Movies On Netflix of All Time as Ranked by Viewership

  1. Extraction : 99 Million Views Featuring Chris Hemsworth famous for playing Thor
  2. Bird Box : 89 Million Views Featuring Sandra Bullock
  3. Spenser Confidential: 85 Million Views Featuring Mark Wahlberg
  4. 6 Underground: 83 Million Views Featuring Ryan Reynolds famous for playing Deadpool
  5. Murder Mystery: 83 Million Views Featuring Jenfier Aniston famous for playing Rachel on Friends
  6. The Old Guard: 74 Million Views Featuring Charlize Theron
  7. The Irishman: 64 Million Views Featuring Robert Di Niro and Al pacino
  8. The Triple Frontier: 63 Million Views
  9. The Wrong Missy: 59 Million Views
  10. The Platform: 56 Million Views
  11. Space Force: 40 Million Views
  12. Da 5 Bloods: 27 Million Views

This list will be kept updated as per data shared.

The Key thing about this list is that it follows the same patterns as movies in Theaters with Big Budget and Big stars movies being at the top led by Chris hemsworth.

Netflix has only shared data for Netflix Originals and not for Other movies which are present on netflix


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